Meet the Instructors

Kokoro means the heart of, and at the heart of our club is our members and our Ju Jitsu family. So here's a few friendly faces for you to recognise when you join our community.
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BB grading – Oct 93 001

Sensei Ian

Chief Instructor

Taught by: Sensei John Royle and Professor Pete Royle

Favourite Throw / Technique: Tenchi-nage


I represented England in the demonstration team, at the 2013 WCJJO international championships. I also represented England at the multi-national Nippon Dai Budo Kai residential course.

My Favourite moment:

This had to be receiving my 1st Dan.  Myself and Sensei Craig Kendrick travelled to a multi-discipline high level grading within Nippon Dai Budo Kai. Not only was Professor Dave Hodson (the head of NDBK), but his teacher - Shidan Ryder. It was hard but gratifying.  During the grading we were asked if we wanted to demonstrate a specialism, which we both agreed would be the Aikido throws.  Many students (after the grading) complemented us on the techniques  even wanting them explained. We then found out that Shihan Ryder was a 9th Dan Aikido master.....

To get my Black belt in front of such distinguished instructors was a huge day.


Sensei Steve

Lead Instructor of Howe Bridge / Lowton Classes

Taught by: Professor Dawn Gardener

Favourite Throw / Technique: Shiho-nage


I am an executive member of the AMA and sit on the AMA sub committee. I represented England on numerous occasions as part of the England Ju Jitsu squad. And I currently run the adult class alongside Sensei Ian Charlson

My Favourite moment:

Being asked to take over the adult classes at Leigh and Westhoughton Ju Jitsu club with Sensei Ian, it was an honour to be asked and a new challenge in my Ju Jitsu career

jess 3

Sensei Jess Martin

Taught by: Professor Dawn Gardener, Sensei John Royle and Professor Pete Royle

Favourite Throw / Technique: Ouchi Mata


I started training in 2002 and was quickly hooked. The reason I started was to beat my dad's 2nd Dan rank. I gained my 1st Dan in 2008 and 5 years later I completed my 3rd Dan grading. In 2009 I began representing England in the England Sport Ju Jitsu squad, competing in two world championships in 2010 and 2013.

My Favourite moment:

My Highlight has to be representing England in Las Vegas at the WCJJO World Championships, winning several medals as a result.

Welfare Officer

The role of the welfare officer is to act as an intermediary between you as a student and the AMA in the case of any incidents that may have occurred within the club.

As the student representative please feel free to consult him on any problems, issues or ideas that you may have within the club.

Student welfare and wellbeing is taken very seriously, and therefore you will be treated with the utmost respect and in confidence.

You can contact the welfare officer by emailing