Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to know for my first class

A: Remember to wear loose clothing, bring water with you and remove any jewellery before the class. But the main thing is to relax and have fun, the instructors will guide you.

Q: Can anyone join the club?

A:  Yes, We have a very diverse club with different ages and genders. Many stereotypes assume martial arts to be violent or a 'man's sport' however this is not the case. In fact Ju Jitsu was utilised by the suffragettes in their battle for women's vote. The main factor that would inhibit practicing or training with us would be medical conditions, mainly for the individuals safety. Contact us for more details if you are interested and we can give more information

Q: Is Ju Jitsu like Karate / Judo?

A: Ju Jitsu is a Japanese traditional martial art that focus's on utilising the opponents strength against them (a mix of aspects of both Judo and Karate). Kokoro Ju Jitsu club has a focus on self defence,

Q: How can Ju Jitsu help me?

A: Any Martial Art is a great way to develop yourself. Teaching discipline, focus and helping develop confidence. Our club focus is on traditional Ju Jitsu and self defence techniques,  therefore giving the added bonus of practical skills if you ever need them. Similarly, our club competes in Sport Ju Jitsu competitions which gives you the option to develop your skills through this route if you like (who knows you may become the next world champion...)

Q: Do you do anything alongside the regular classes?

A: Alongside our regular training sessions we also hold occasional seminars, courses and additional training. We will keep you updated though the website as to when these will occur. Like wise, we have different social events which occur throughout the year. Including an annual Christmas party for all club members; past, present and future; and their families. We try to vary these events to include everyone so keep checking for upcoming events. The adult classes have also been known to go for a post training drink at the local.

Q: What does Kokoro stand for?

A: Kokoro means the heart and soul, the centre.

Q: I am nervous about starting Ju Jitsu is there any advice you would give?

A: As we are a small club we look at individuals needs and requirements so we ensure when possible you train with a partner close to your needs or who you feel comfortable with. This is possible as we are a very tight knit family and our sensei's will work to tailor experiences to you, and your comfort level. If your still nervous about joining why not join with a friend.  Remember we were in your position when we started doing Ju Jitsu