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I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the welcoming atmospere everyone had. I felt comfortable and safe within the club which encouraged me to participate more. After the course I feel more confident in myself and I feel the teaching benefitted me emotionally as well as physically which is a huge positive.

Friendly, relaxed, good atmosphere and patient instructors. The course wasn't rushed at all and I was able to work at my own pace learning simple techniques.

The course has been valuable, I have gained self confidence and increased awareness of potential risks and techniques to keep myself safe. I really enjoyed hearing female martial artist's point of view on self defence and having them pass on their knowledge.

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What is a Ladies Self Defence Course?

At Kokoro we strongly believe that everyone should be with the skills needed to defend themselves if necessary. Therefore it is important to us that we not only teach self defence techniques to our junior and senior students, but also reach out to the wider community and pass on our knowledge.


These self defence classes are open to women, this allows us to tailor the content towards real life scenarios. We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed comfortable environment in order to deliver the best experience we can.

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What is included in the course?

A lot of the course content will be based around you, we tailor the content to suit all abilities and what you want to learn.

However, we cover basic but effective defences against; grabs, attacks from the ground and attacks from weapons.

As we are teaching self defence techniques we also arrange a guest speaker from the police, to give advice on the law. We will also teach the skills to recognise, avoid and disperse trouble before it becomes a dangerous situations.

The course will be led by both expert male and female instructors who have experience in running these courses within the community.

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