1. The spirit, essence or heart of something

2. A warrior ideal; the core or essential qualities exhibited by the classical warrior, relating to sincerity or a humble spirit .

Both my children attended the Leigh, Howe Bridge and now the Lowton venues. The have been taught by both Sensei Ian and Sensei Steve. Really impressed with their professionalism and how they adapted their teaching to meet the needs of the students. Would highly recommend them to everyone.

Jo (parent)

Jo (parent)

I started Ju Jitsu at the kids class in leigh and always remember Sensei Ian and Sensei Steve helping out with teaching, every time they took the class there was a great blend of learning and fun. When I moved up to the adult classes there was the same blend. It was quite daunting at first but everyone made me feel welcome, the whole atmosphere was friendly, as if it was one big family. Sensei Steve and Ian have such a vast amount of knowledge that the level of teaching is amazing.

Chris (student)

Chris (student)

Sensei Ian Charlson (5thDan) Ju-Jitsu is an excellent martial artist, having a huge knowledge of the art.

Having seen his progress over many years, I have a great respect of his ability, in many areas, free fighting, grappling, sport Ju-Jitsu, competition, Traditional Ju-Jitsu, Self Defence, weapons, etc.

Taught in a sensible manner that suits all classes, Adults and children.

Sensei John Royle, 6th Dan

John 1

Sensei Steve Boughton (4th Dan) Ju-Jitsu

A martial Art expert of excellent ability.

Covering all aspects of Ju-Jitsu, Traditional & Sport, he has excellent technical ability in all areas.

He is a quality teacher of Ju-Jitsu and excellent Martial Artist.

Sensei John Royle, 6th Dan

John 2

Friendly, relaxed atmosphere

David Marsh, 2nd Dan

(electronic engineer)


I have known and trained with Sensei's Ian Charlson and Steve Boughton for more than 30 year's . Training and teaching twice a week for this amount of time is a tribute to their
dedication to the art of Ju Jitsu. I can without hesitation recommend both Sensei's to be of the highest standard and skill level. Combine this with a sense of humour and friendly manner, you just can't go wrong

Professor Pete Royle, 6th Dan


You learn valuable skills whilst having fun and you get a great workout. Would recommend to anyone wishing to learn self defence. The club has a good family atmosphere and the instructors are always patient, helpful and friendly.

Steven (student)

Steven (student)

Whatever your motives

Everyone has different reasons for starting martial arts.
  • Self Defence
  • Getting or keeping fit
  • Becoming the next world champion
  • Joining our Kokoro family
  • To challenge yourself and develop new skills

Self Defence

Bully Proof

Build confidence in your ability, and start pushing back against bullying and dominance.


Learn the best ways to defend yourself and how to handle situations to keep yourself safe.